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Introducing our new and exclusive Social Membership at Frankie’s

Connect, collaborate and engage with finance in a straightforward way

Be part of something different

At Frankie’s we believe your network is your net worth! And that’s why we’ve created a new social membership offering.

Available for a limited time only, our social membership enables you to join our exclusive community to grow your network for personal and professional success!


Join a high value community of peers, guides and experts. Lean into these connections for personal development and future opportunities.


Access a community of financial experts and strategic partners. Get priority access to all events, including member and invitation-only events.


Start to take steps towards a financially free future, educatibg yourself on a range of financial topics with our curated events.

Elevate your financial foundations.

In Frankie’s Social Membership you’ll grow your personal and professional network to take the next step in your endeavours.

About Us

Frankie’s is an inclusive membership network inspiring professionals and founders to collaborate, connect, and engage with finance.

Providing access to financial education and knowledge, and supporting you at every stage of your journey, from getting started to being more strategic with your finances.

We’re dedicated to encouraging people to grow their networks, enabling them to flourish in their professional careers or entrepreneurial ventures.

Experience You Can Trust

At Frankie’s we pride ourselves on collaborating with strategic partners and curating events that will support individuals to build a sustainable financial future. Whether you’re looking to be more strategic with your investments, get insights into alternative asset classes, understand tax planning or generally expand your knowledge, you can put your trust in us.  


Learn from top financial minds, entrepreneurs and business owners in the UK.


Professional and wealth development networking opportunities.

Frankie’s Social membership

Annual Subscription

One-off payment of £100

Available for a limited time only

Member Reviews


“Frankie empowers women to take control of their financial wellbeing and creates a safe space to network with like-minded women. Her events are both engaging and inspiring, as are the attendees!”


“I’ve attended events Frankie hosted and always found them so informative, relevant and fun. Frankie is very knowledgeable in her field and always happy to share her knowledge.”