Forbes Magazine has carried an in-depth interview with our founder Frankie Smith that coincided with the launch of ‘Frankie’s’, her new investment networking club for women.

The feature entitled ‘Female Founders: This Is How To Make Your Money Work As Hard As You Do To Earn It’ is based on Frankie’s own catch phrase.  The editorial was written by journalist Bianca Barrett who writes about women in business and issues surrounding women at work.

The article states: “Meet Frankie Smith – a financial advisor at Jarrovian Wealth who, as a serious advocate for women’s financial education, is on a mission to change these sobering statistics. Working primarily with women (and, more specifically, those who own businesses), Francesca realised how great the gulf really was between men and women’s financial literacy, so decided to start hosting monthly investment events across London to teach women the skills they need to start investing.”

To the read the full interview with Francesca go to: